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Monday, October 10, 2016

Vote! Please, Everybody, Vote!

I am not a rabid debate watcher in general, but this election cycle is so unpredictable that I have changed my usual behavior.  It is so scary that a man so wholly unsuited for public office is even in contention for winning is extremely scary.  So I have watched the two presidential debates and the vie-presidential debate as well.
I don't understand the choice of Mike Pence as a running mate.  He doesn't bring much to the table.  It is unlikely that Indiana will be the state that will put him over the top, but then again you never know.  In any case, I found him offensive before I heard him debate because of his views on gays and women, but hearing it from his own lips was appalling.
He literally described bringing America together on the issue of abortion by eliminating abortion and putting those children up for adoption.  That would be his idea of compromise.  How is that any sort of compromise?  When Tim Kaine talked about a woman's right to make choices about her own body, he almost scoffed.  His response was so patronizing to women that it was painful to watch.  I felt quite sincerely that he wanted us to not go back merely to the 1950's but to the 1850's.  He wanted a chance to squelch the right for women to vote right at the inception of the movement and have men control it start to finish.  So please, voting is a privilege that should not be ignored.  I have already voted, and urge you to also.

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